Artificial intelligence

Just came across the news that China has introduced a bot as a news reader. The propensity with which the AI is taking over the various domains is scary.

India being highly populated country it could result a loss in employment opportunities. AI brings in lots of competency and articulation which cannot be expected from human.

The people’s have to be technically sound to survive as the competition is only going to get tougher. Entry level jobs will be replaced by bots . Only the people’s with sound knowledge on their field will survive.

I fear China will takeover the world market very quickly with the pace they are moving ahead in technology.

This all sounds very scary…

Guys do drop in your comments.What do you think of the above?



Festivals bring in new joy and hope.Life feels refreshing during festivals.Bursting of crackers.Diyas lighted up.Candles, flowers decorated at home brings in new usher of life.

Rangolis at home entrance are the joy to eyes. The beautiful colours, varied designs makes you feel pride of your country and its varied cultures. I do Rangoli with my sister and mom. We hardly do any task together except for Rangoli.It feels so good to be doing it together. This time sister didn’t join in. She’s at Mumbai for her new job. So me and mom were together.

Usually I don’t prefer junk but during Diwali I just cannot resist the smell of Bengali sweets. Rasogulla are my favourite. Also kaju katlli, mootichur ke ladoo.. yummy .. my mouth is already watering. Many times we prepare mithais at home accompanied with chivda, chakli,namak para etc

Gujarat’s celebrate their new year after Diwali. So it’s the time when they go to each other’s home wishing new year. Leaving behind hatred and welcoming joy.

That’s it for today!!

Wishing you all a very happy Dipawali.Stay blessed and keep smiling

Anxious soul

Anxiety is the part of me. No matter how many spiritual books i read or sermons i hear.i am always going to stay an anxious soul. My boyfriend doesnt call and i am anxious. If he doesnt responds ,i am anxious.

I always wonder why i stay so anxious. Perhaps because i am not full of myselfI or is it that i am searching for happiness in someone else.

At times i feel that i want to talk to someone. At others i just want to be myself . how weird.

Someone please help!!!!